Life, love, hope and perseverance - An exclusive Faith Scene - interview with the leading character Jamie Bernadette in The Furnace.  "This is a film that will show you the meaning of Faith." Cindy Rodriguez FSM 

In the Furnace - the character Mary a strong  women of courage, will show you how to overcome fear, struggles and learn to have faith.  A must read interview with Faith Scene Magazine.

Life, love, hope and perseverance are words we often go through life not giving a second thought to such words and how important they are with every breath we take with each second, minute, hour and days of our lives as we navigate through a society built upon death, hate, despair and giving up in the moments when we are tested and shaken to our very core, when situations seem meaningless and hope is all but beyond reach of your own efforts or faith which drives you to the darkest of places where life, love, hope and perseverance seems futile and unattainable.

Such moments is when we realize that God allows these things to happen so that we rely not in our own understanding, but realizing that God is in control, that he is sovereign and that he loves us beyond all measure. I share this with my readers as I have been in such darkness and my faith in God has been my foundation that kept me grounded, the compass that kept me true and pillar that kept me strong and resilient through my own trials and tribulations.

About the Movie-

 “The Furnace” is a movie created in the vast wilderness of South Africa that will break down barriers that we create for ourselves, show our weaknesses, our insecurities, how easy we lose faith, how every waking moment is unfair and will fight us every step of the way as we navigate through this thing called life.

It will also teach us about friendship, love beyond the shackles of death, overcoming fear through perseverance, mental and physical endurance when hope seems so far away and knowing that God will always be God through our grief from the loss of a loved one. The character - Mary (Jamie Bernadette) had dreams of running the race called the “The Furnace” which takes place in Africa where she and her husband must physically endure the unforgiving weather, the dangers of predators, the lack of shelter and resources for safety and survival. With the sudden death of her husband through a tragic accident and leaving her injured and disabled with only one functioning lung, all hope of running the race is all but unattainable and her grief over the death of her husband has caused her to lose all faith in God. In her darkest hour, she met costar named Coffin (Luthuli Dlamini), a doctor in Africa who helped her train and prepare for the “The Furnace” where she ultimately found where death and despair ends and her perseverance begins and where she ultimately found her way back to God.

Jaimie Bernadette, a women with passion and grit is the lead actress in this amazing, heart wrenching and awe-inspiring movie “The Furnace”. Her screen talent is a reflection of her dedication to her craft and a mission that perhaps one day may help those going through similar situations, trials and tribulations, that they may find strength and solace by watching this film about life, love, hope and perseverance.

On her spare time Jamie likes to run, which made it easier to prepare for the role in the Furnace. You can also see Jamie in the lead role in the new “I Spit on Your Grave” horror franchise film, out now and reached #1 in sales on Amazon in new movies in horror, beating out “US” and “Pet Semetary”. Titled: “I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu” , and as a lead for the horror film “The 6th Friend” now available on Video On Demand— Amazon, iTunes, and now on Amazon Prime with your Prime subscription. Her Newest Film Release she play’s the leading role in horror “4/20 Massacre". It has been playing on Showtime since October 2018. Also on The Movie Channel (TMC) Sho Beyond, Direct TV, Amazon & other VOD sites!

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