The RiSE festival took to the Mojave desert's Dry Jean Lake Bed -Peace, Tranquility, in the Mohave Desert just beyond the strip. Read Full Story


The Stellar Award nominees

Featuring, Jerard & Jovaun-Fresh Start Worship artists earning multiple Stellar nominations this year for 2020! Read More


By: Cindy Rodriguez→view video

Nick Vujicic - a profound man from Australia, who has inspired many adults, and teenagers with his motivational speaking. 

The founder and owner of a nonprofit organization called “Life without Limbs”. The organization is a faith based ministry where Nick shares his faith in God, Heaven, and how this has helped in his own life

Peace, Tranquility, in the Mohave Desert just beyond the strip.   → view video

Unlike anything I've been to or participated in, the experience of the lanterns was breath taking to watch the night sky light up with thousands of points of light as everyone’s lanterns took off and floats high in the sky especially knowing that everyone had written a special message of loss, hope or live on their lanterns by: Cindy Rodriguez – VSM