Gospel superstars and Stellar Award winners announced for 2020!

Veteran Gospel collective, Donald Lawrence Presents The Tri-City Singers leads the field of nominees this year with nine nominations.  Read More




From Humble beginnings to Stardom Country music singer/songwriter J.D. Shelburne delivers every ounce of country sound needed to light up the airwaves with the release of his latest single "Church Pew Bar Stool."

Coming in hot like a southern summer, Shelburne's single hits close to home while starring as a staple in every country playlist. 

Exclusive Interview - Kimberly Dawn

By: Paul Rodriguez

Scene Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Kimberly Dawn and wanted to know about her inspirations as an artist, charitable contributions to society and how she finds balance through her everyday life. Kimberly Dawn draws her inspiration from many things such as people, places and life experiences that brings her back through memory lane and tells a story with the lyrics which drives her passion for music and life in general. 

Doing good and making a change- is what 2020 is all about these days.

 Looking back at An inspirational moment to remember - Selena Gomez helps with "A CHANGE FOR THE BETTER!"

“It’s truly inspiring to see this amazing group of young people join together to celebrate doing good and making a change.”