The Magazine - Faith Scene magazine, is an online and digital magazine that features articles mainly on faith with a focus to arts and entertainment offered in all our magazines. We will feature and spotlight the latest news, and inspirational articles for faith and encouragement much needed in the world; along with our featured columns: (Beyond, The Experience, and The Scene. that includes featured celebrity interviews and at the scene coverage). The magazines goal is to: publish articles that are positive, inspirational and entertaining, adding a personal outlook on the who, what, where and when for the articles we offer. Not only do we highlight the latest news and culture, but we also spotlight some of the greatest performers of all time!

The Publisher- As the creator and online publisher for magazines published by: The Scene Online Media, I wanted to make sure I would implement an online platform that includes mainstream entertainment articles of today. As we continue to deal with the challenges of everyday life, I want to encourage and continue to publish entertaining, inspiring articles. My goal is to engage readership by focusing on articles not only talk about the latest entertainment news, but feature entertainers and write about their back story behind the spotlight.

With the challenging times of today, I encourage you to read, enjoy, and relax by reading this issue and taking the opportunity to plan your next adventure with the latest entertainment news and information in Faith Scene Magazine.  Publisher - Cindy Rodriguez